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Resolving the Complexity of the Microbial World

in the Context of One Health

Credit: Spencer Phillips. Photo: Adobe

Microbes are the most abundant and diverse organisms on earth that form communities of vital importance for human and nature. Yet, our understanding of what many of these microbes do and how their interactions balance the health of the worlds ecosystems is still very limited.


By definition, “systems biology is the study of interactions between assorted components of biological systems with the aim of acquiring new insights into how organisms function and respond to different stimuli” (Navid 2012). Combining microbiology, quantitative high-throughput data generation and bioinformatic analysis, my research aims to uncover and exploit general principles in microbiology and aquatic microbial ecology. Making use of recent advances in DNA sequencing technology, my work combines mutli-omics and wet lab strategies to deduce function and to understand the concepts and mechanisms which underly the microcosm. 


My research has generously been supported by funding from the UK government, the University of Cambridge, the Gates Cambridge Trust as well as the Bill and Melinda Gates foundation.

Recent Highlights

News from recent explorations into the microbial world. 

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Dr Andre Holzer

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