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User-friendly tools, workflows and custom pipelines for genomic and microbial data analysis

Key features:

  • user-friendly best-practice analysis workflow

  • no bioinformatic knowledge required

  • designed for real-time applications

  • optimised for local and cloud computing

  • data visualisation on the fly

  • interactive live dashboard

  • seamless integration with EPI2ME



User-friendly best practice workflow for real-time analysis of metagenomic long-read data



A web application for rapid analysis of HLA correlations

Clean freshwater lies at the heart of human society. While most traditional water monitoring approaches test for specific chemicals or pathogens, the direct tracing of aquatic DNA poses a more holistic alternative which has hitherto been underappreciated due to challenges in logistics and investment. Here we present a simple, fast, inexpensive and reliable freshwater diagnostics workflow centred around portable nanopore DNA sequencing. 



A simple, fast, inexpensive and reliable freshwater metagenomics workflow



The merging, annotation & polishing tool for metabolite peak list data

Metapolish is a R tool that allows easy data processing of common Liquid- and Gas Chromatography Mass Spectrometry (LC-/GCMS) raw peak data. The tool bridges the gap between the individual sample peak list outputs generated by MS-analysis software like Thermo Xcalibur-TraceFinder or Shimadzu GCMS solution and the standardised metabolite-concentration matrix input required by downstream metabolite analysis applications such as MetaboAnalyst.

Elevate your sequence analysis with custom Snakemake + Nextflow pipelines! Unlock the full potential of microbial sequencing data with bespoke pipelines tailored to meet your unique analysis needs. Customised workflows designed by bioinformaticians to ensure reproducibility, efficiency, and seamless scalability for microbial research.


NGS + TGS pipelines

Custom Snakemake + Nextflow  pipelines for reproducible analysis of microbial sequencing data

Supplementary Data

Llavero-Pasquina et al. (2022)

Here, we provide the supplementary data supporting Llavero-Pasquina et al., "Thiamine metabolism genes in diatoms are not regulated by thiamine despite the presence of predicted riboswitches" published 2022 in New Phytologist. 

Urban & Holzer et al. (2021)

Here, we provide the supplementary data supporting Urban & Holzer et al., "Freshwater monitoring by nanopore sequencing" published 2021 in eLife. Download the raw data from our ENA repository.

Holzer (2019)

Here, we provide the supplementary data supporting Holzer, "The Chlamydomonas reference genomes for visualisation in IGV" published 2019.

Helliwell et al. (2016)

Here, we provide the supplementary data supporting Helliwell et al., "Cyanobacteria and eukaryotic algae use different chemical variants of vitamin B12" published 2016 in Current Biology.

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